We work with clients to promote their hotel brand and drive business by applying our marketing, creative and distribution expertise across the full range of digital and offline media. With a solid background in marketing and communications specifically in the hotel sector, intelligent strategy, compelling creative and flawless execution is in our blood.


The services outlined below are offered by the hour, through Marketing Services Management (min 6 months retainer) or structured as a project according to where your hotel needs focus.


Marketing Management, Communications and Creative Design are offered exclusively by Adapt Marketing. We work jointly with reliable, experienced business partners to deliver Sales Management, Website Development & SEM services, to ensure our clients have access to the best digital services relevant to their ongoing activity or specific project.

  • Build your hotel brand

  • Develop your marketing strategy

  • Create your annual marketing plan

  • Extending your marketing team

  • Senior marketing outsourcing

  • Kick start your new business

  • Implement your marketing projects

  • Get industry-qualified unbiased advice

  • Generate more direct business

  • Distribution and channel management strategy

  • Technology supplier procurement and implementation

  • Retain your current clients

  • Brand strategy, identity and messaging

  • Develop integrated marketing communication

  • CRM and marketing automation

  • Public relations and events

  • Internal communications

  • Website content and copywriting

  • Collateral, presentations and signage

  • Marketing promotions and competitions

  • Seasonal and event campaigns

  • Enewsletters, banners and online assets

  • Source photographers and video

  • Website landing pages

  • Sales management for hotels, venues and restaurants

  • Analyse customer profitability and growth

  • Set Sales Strategies by segment

  • Develop annual or periodic Sales Action Plans

  • Domestic and Local Sales representation

  • Key Account Management

  • Local Sales Plan development

  • Create sales collateral and presentations

  • New client acquisition programs

  • Website strategy, design and implementation

  • Internet Booking Engine and Channel Management set up

  • Ongoing website content management

  • Social Media strategy and management

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns

  • Digital Advertising and Onsite Engagement

  • Set up on 3rd party booking sites

  • Manage promotions on 3rd party sites